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Welcome to Brian Ekeland - Psychic Medium

Welcome to Brian Ekeland - Psychic MediumWelcome to Brian Ekeland - Psychic Medium

Remote Viewing


Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is Remote Viewing?– Remote viewing is a multi-sensory technique that employs clairvoyance and other psychic abilities to view remote locations and targets at a distance from the viewer. 

What is remote viewing used for?– The average person or hobbyist performs remote viewing for the joy and experience of simply reviewing and documenting a target with their psychic ability.  The U.S. government has used remote viewing for national defense, to assess security situations, and better defend our country’s domestic and foreign interests. Other groups have used remote viewing to locate missing persons, investigate crime scenes, and to see inside the human body for medical insights.  Remote viewing is not time bound, and viewers have been reported to visit what we consider past, present and future timeframes.

What is Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV)?– Coordinate Remote Viewing is a six-stage process where a set of coordinates is assigned to a target.  The remote viewer is given the set of coordinates and follows the six-stage process to remotely view the target.

What is Brian’s involvement with remote viewing? – Brian took his first class in remote viewing in 1997 at the Omega Institute.  In 2016, Brian became a certified Remote Viewer after taking a class in Remote Viewing at the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia with Joe McMoneagle, America’s top remote viewer for the U.S. government.  

Is Brian an expert remote viewer?– No, but Brian has successfully taught others to remote view with just a few hours of practice.  

Can everyone successfully remote view? - Not everyone can successfully “see” remote targets on their first attempt, but almost everyone has the potential to perform remote viewing. 

Is there any reason to avoid remote viewing?– Individuals with a history of schizophrenia, or bipolar and related mental health issues should notperform remote viewing.

Where can I see examples of Brian’s remote viewing? – Look at the photo gallery on the Remote Viewing page to see some examples of Brian’s remote viewing sessions.

Five Activities needed to remote view – These are the key activities a remote viewer needs to perform remote viewing: 1) Relax, 2) Link, 3) Listen, 4) Detect, and 5) Report.

Where did Remote Viewing originate?– The Stanford Research Institute (SRI) developed the protocol for Remote viewing with funding from the U.S. government in the early 1970’s.