Welcome to Brian Ekeland - Psychic Medium

Welcome to Brian Ekeland - Psychic Medium

Welcome to Brian Ekeland - Psychic MediumWelcome to Brian Ekeland - Psychic Medium

About Brian


Brian's Bio

Brian is a clairvoyant, evidential medium,  remote viewer, and tarot reader, and can  provide readings to contact your loved ones in spirit.  He  provides heart centered  readings with intuitive perceptions that clients find to be insightful and emotionally healing,  and offers clients surprising insights into their current and future circumstances.   He is comfortable reading for all types of occasions, from the corporate event or party in a hotel ballroom to a more intimate setting; Brian can read for you and your guests.  

Brian has appeared as a guest on Fairfax Public Access TV and Transformation Talk Radio and is available for media appearances.  He assists law enforcement with the Impartial Witness Program.  Brian obtained his certification as a Spirit Medium from the James Van Praagh, School of Mystical Arts, and is a member of the Capital Tarot Society and Edgar Cayce’s, Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Brian is a graduate of the Monroe Institute, one of the premier schools for psychic development in the U.S. and is a certified Remote Viewer, skilled in using psychic ability to remotely view a person, object or event at a distance.

In a former life, Brian earned a Masters degree in Management Information Systems and worked in corporate America for over thirty years for Fortune 500 companies as an IT/Management consultant, Senior Program Manager and Director. He currently pursues his passion for psychic/mediumship, writing, tarot, and teaching others about developing their intuition and psychic ability. 

Recovered Diamond Earrings


Mediumship and Training References

"I have been a regular participant of Brian's monthly mediumship development circle for the past few years and look forward to each session. As an instructor, Brian challenges us to go beyond our comfort level and explore different ways to connect with spirit.  Never boring or routine, always a meaningful adventure and precisely what the group needed at the time to facilitate our development.  

Over the course of my participation, it was awe-inspiring to see how each circle member progressed and became more confident in his or her mediumship or psychic intuitive abilities.  The energy was always high and conducive to maximum connection to the spiritual realms, brought about by the regular participation of the circle as well as Brian's soothing meditation. 

As a psychic medium and intuitive, I was always amazed by how spot on Brian was on the various issues and concerns  I might be encountering in my life.  The guidance and insight he was able to tap into from my guides, his guides and ancestors offered me the confirmation I needed to either make that decisive change or stay the course. I will always be appreciative of Brian for enabling me to develop myself as a psychic." - (Xuan-Huong Nguyen 2019

"I am a professional digital creative and psychic-in-training in Washington, DC and I participated in a number of psychic and mediumship development circles hosted by Brian Ekeland over the past 2 years. In my time with Brian, I observed him connecting into Spirits and the Divine for information and messages and I consider him a wayshower in the field. 

Along the way, I referred an aspiring, gifted medium and acquaintance to Brian. They met and the acquaintance began attending Brian’s circle as well. Brian is a caring Spirit facilitator and anyone is in good hands with him. " (Pol, Washington, DC 2019)

"I have only known Brian for a few months but I have been impressed with his dedication to learning, teaching and practicing his gifts of mediumship and psychic readings. 

Brian is open and honest about his abilities without pushing away anyone. He has an genuine heart to learn and grow in these areas of development. I have attended several of his mediumship meetings and have learned a great deal from him. I would highly recommend Brian for any position he is aspiring to." (Joshua 2019)

Past Life Regression Reference

I recently had a past life regression hypnotherapy session with Brian Ekeland and I was a amazed that I was able to regress so quickly as I was guided into the regression in a safe manner. To my surprise, I was able to recall vivid details during the session and even afterwards. I believe I was able to link my family lineage and uncover history that I didn’t know about. This was further confirmed in a dream I had that night which solved the mystery of an ancestor’s death.

I had never been hypnotized before so I didn’t know what to expect, but I would certainly recommend Brian to anyone who is interested in perhaps discovering aspects of oneself or one’s ancestors’ lives. (Robert Giron 2019)

Psychic References

"I have had a few readings from Brian and I always found him to be on point. I remember one occasion specifically where he said that he saw policemen at my house but not for something urgent. I thought that was unlikely since I lead a pretty mundane life but sure enough, 3 weeks later, two policemen were at my front door after I had to  to report a stalking and menacing neighbor. " (Claudine 2019)

"Brian uses a combined technique of  cards as well as intuition, and was helpful to me in answering various questions I had in an accurate manner.  I felt he was able to connect and tune in."  (Ron K  2019)

Remote Viewing Reference

"Last year I accidentally misplaced a pair of diamond earrings my husband had given me as an anniversary gift many years prior. I knew the exact place I had last seen them (hooked together on a living room end table). Needless to say, after searching my entire home from top to bottom, pulling apart couch cushions, looking under rugs, checking my children's rooms and every nook and cranny I became desperate. 

Some how I intuitively knew the earrings were still somewhere in my home but my time was running out to find them. In a panic, I reached out to Brian who through a series of visions encouraged me to look in the last place I had imagined: a storage container in my garage. When I looked, the earrings were not in the container however, they were  located less than a foot away from our garbage cans that were due to be put on the curb that night. It suddenly struck me: maybe they were vacuumed up! In a stroke of what I can only call pure luck and divine guidance I went "dumpster diving" and after a week of desperate searching the earrings were tangled up in vacuum debris in the first bag of trash I opened.

Without Brian, my diamond earrings would be in a landfill. While recovering the diamonds was impressive, they are just a physical representation of a very loving bond between my spouse and I. Having them as a heirloom for my daughters is truly the gift Brian gave me through his Remote Viewing abilities."  (Autumn Siebel - 2018)

Tarot References

"Thank you so much Brian! It was a great evening and your readings were a big hit with our staff! We will certainly keep you in mind for future events. Have a great day and enjoy the holiday season."  (from a party client 2019)

"I first received a reading from Brian several years ago, and then again twice more recently. At first I was unsure about the quality of the reading until I reread my notes several months later and was astounded by how much he had picked out that was spot on about my life. I trust his instinct and will definitely continue to receive readings from him. They've been super helpful in giving me guidance in several areas of my life." (Margie - 2018)

"I have had several readings with Brian and am always amazed at the insight and creativity he brings to the table. Whether you have a casual curiosity about the Tarot or are seeking an answer to a life-changing decision, you will be well served to consult with this gifted and talented reader. "(Keith - 2018)


Media References

Brian is available for radio Interviews

Brian is featured on the #1 positive talk network,Transformation Talk Radio - airing Jan. 4th, 2019.

Brian is featured on the #1 positive talk network, Transformation Talk Radio, airing on January 4th, 2019. 

Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory


Bob Olson created this psychic & psychic medium directory to set a new, higher standard within the psychic & medium industry AND to help you find the most credible & reputable psychics & mediums. He has  carefully screened & approved the 800-plus psychics & psychic mediums on this directory, AND  regularly monitors them thanks to the vast feedback he gets from the public. 

James Van Praagh, School of Mystical Arts

The James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts offers a variety of innovative online courses and spiri

Brian is a Certified Spirit Medium with the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts, which offers a variety of innovative online courses and spiritual trainings that allow you to create your most fulfilling life, live your soul’s purpose, and share your gifts with the world. The school also offers one of the most in-depth and well-regarded psychic and mediumship certification programs available today.

Impartial Witness

We are an Elite Team of Intuitives that have worked together on over 1000 cases providing informatio

Impartial Witness is an Elite Team of Intuitives that have worked together on over 1000 cases providing information to federal, state, and local law enforcement that eventually leads to their resolution. Do you recall the highly publicized New York Jogger murder in 2016? We provided information that led directly to the suspect’s arrest.


Disclaimer: These services and the use of this website is for entertainment purposes only (adults 18 years of age or older). The readings that Brian provides are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information given, including any actions you take, is your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. For legal reasons, I have to advise you that the readings are for entertainment purposes only. All these services are never a substitute for professional services and it is advised that you should seek advice from a qualified expert on the subject needed.