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Remote Viewing

1) Intro to Remote Viewing - Remote Viewing pertains to using psychic ability to remotely view a person, object or event at a distance. Introduction to Remote Viewing (RV) will provide the novice with the basics they need to get started. The course will cover:

· What is Remote Viewing?

· Types of psychic ability

· Influence of the French on telepathy

· Project Stargate and the influence on RV

· Basics of RV and how it works

· Practice RV sessions

· RV resources and how to practice RV when you get home

Course cost:       $99 

Date and time:   Saturday, April 6th, 2019 

                                     from 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Location:                 2308 Sanford St. 

                                     Alexandria, VA. 22301




Psychokinesis – Learn how to harness your inner force to enable seeds to sprout more quickly, influence the throw of dice, bend forks and spoons, and illuminate light bulbs. (Under Development) 

Price -                    $99